Yellowstone National Park

September 2001


We reached Yellowstone National Park around 4:00 pm on September 15th and set up in the Fishing Bridge RV Park for seven days. No snow and temperatures from the high 20's to the middle 60's it is very pleasant(with the heater on). We left after five days and took close to 500 picutres. Yellowstone Park is 3,472 Square miles or 2,221,823 acres, less than 2% has been developed. Magmatic heat that powers the eruptions still powers the park's geysers, hot springs, fumaroles, and mud pots. Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America's first national park. Located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, it is home to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. Preserved within Yellowstone National Park are Old Faithful and a collection of the world's most extraordinary geysers and hot springs, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.


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Our space in the Fishing Bridge RV Park.

View of forest behind our space.

Bear paw prints in the sidewalk.

We crossed the Continental Divide twice.

This is the Kepler Cascades.

This is Old Faithful going off.

We saw a coyote.

We saw a male elk.

We saw a female elk.

A perking mud pot.

Dragons mouth spring(it roars as the steam comes out).

This is called cooking hill.

Yellowstone now has buffalo jams instead of bear jams.

Lower Yellowstone falls.

Upper Yellowstone falls.

Tower Falls.

Bighorn sheep.

Cascades above the lower falls.

I love the colors in this spirting geyser.

Emerald Spring.

Steamboat geyser erupting about 15 feet.

Cistern Spring.

Puff-N-Stuff geyser.

A green sulphur Caldron.

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