Custer State Park

September 2001

Custer State Park is over 73,000 acres and is the second largest state park in the nation. It is the home to the largest publicly owned bison heard ranging over 1,400 head. Other wildlide include elk, deer, antelpoe, coyotes, Big Horn sheep, mountain goats, wild turkeys and burros. wildlife can be seen along an 18 mile rolling pastureland loop. If the pictures look a little dark its because there are some of those dark things in the sky that dump on us once in a while, fact once it hailed on us while we were on our way to a overlook.


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Tunnel on the way to Custer State Park.

Custer State Park sign.

Pay here, ten dollar for seven days.

Beggin donkeys.


Female Bighorn sheep.

Turkeys. They really are.

A heard of bison.

Dirt road #5 in the park.

Buffalo head.

These buffalo were blocking the road.

Fat doe hiding in the trees.

A heard of Pronghorn.

Mr. Pronghorn looking after his heirum.

Prairie dog city.

Prairie dogs are fun to watch.

Mr. Bighorn sheep.

Mr. Bighorn sheep again.

Hail on our roll-N-Lock truck bed cover.

Rainbow, gee I wonder where that came from.

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