Olympic Game Farm

May through Decenber 2012

We are spending May through December on the Olympic peninsula in Washington with a lot of medical stuff going on. After a month of rain with little sunshine, the sun kind of came out so we took a drive toward Sequim. We took mostly back roads because it was a Saturday and there was a lot of traffic going at highway speeds when we wanted to meander. After lunch at the Dinner in Sequim we drove toward what we though was the Sequim Bay. On the way toward the bay we saw a sign that said the Olympic Game Farm was just down the road, so we took a detour and drove through the Olympic Game Farm. They sold a loaf of bread for two bucks to feed the animals plus ten bucks each to drive through. We had a great time driving through and seeing/feeding bread to the animals. By the way don't through bread to the peacocks as they will not eat it. But the Brown Bears will sit or wave to you and will catch the bread with their mouth, and a lot of other animals will stick their head in through the window to get the bread.


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Entrance to Olympic Game Farm.

We follow the arrows through the park. The road starts on top of a hill overlooking the park.

Prairie dogs are always fun to watch.

This one is getting a sun tan without rain.

Lamas and Tibetan Yak have free reign through the park.

This Tibetan Yak is waiting for someone to come along and feed him.

These are the only two Zebras I saw in the game farm.

This is a sit and wave, now throw the bread.

This one is cooling off on a cool day.

There are only two Black Bears. One is in the bunker.

Timber wolves and tigers are behind three fences.

White Bengal Tiger with a ball under his tummy.

Nancy feeding a female Elk.

Look at that rack.

Baby Elk taking a nap.

Nancy feeding a male Elk.

Nancy feeding The European Fallow Deer.

You really don't want a bison head in your window.

Nancy says drive, move, get going.

This one followed us for a while. Wanted more bread.

The baby bison wants bread too.

Another peacock showing off.

Cougars are behind lot fencing.

Nancy feeding the Tibetan Yak.

A few weeks later with the sun again shinning (WOW!!) Nancy wanted to check out Mt. Walker View Point. Along the way we stopped at a café in Quilcene on Hwy. 101 for lunch. Then stopping at Falls View Campground and took the trail to the falls where we took a few pictures. Then on to Mt. Walker View Point road which went from 400 to 2700 foot elevation for a panoramic view of the area including Mt. Rainier, which amazing enough didn’t have clouds around it so it could hide. We could also see the sky scrapers downtown Seattle from up here.

David checking out how long a hike to the falls.

Hike is only .05, our kind of trail.

The falls drops 200 feet to the river below.

a Washington rock has moss growing on it, unlike an Arizona rock with desert varnish it .

Flora and faunta along the trail.

Nancy held this drooping lily up so I could get a shot of the inside.

Rhodys are in bloom.

Back in the truck we head up Mt. Walker Viewpoint.

Road starts out as black top.

The road quickly turns into a trail.

panoramic view sign.

Seal Beach.

Downtown Seattle.

Mt. Rainier from the view point.

A closer picture of Mt. Rainier.Highway 101 below us.

Highway 101 below us.

A slug about 4 inches long on the trail.

Dogwood Flowers.

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