Alaska, land of the midnight sun

May through September 2007


Take into account that these 13 home movie clips were taken with a digital picture camera with a movie option. Then all the videos clips were merged together into two videos by an amateur into an internet format so you could enjoy our experience. So don't expect professional quality. LOL

A 3:15 minute video of a lone grizzly bear getting his supper.

A 3:58 minute video of a Mother grizzly bear and her three cubs.

Our Alaska Trip

In May we left Arizona and traveled north to Canada. We crossed at Waterton Park and met friends in Lethbridge to spend time at their farm west of Medicine Hat. After which we traveled north to Drumheller, then west to Banff and Lake Louise. Next, north and west to Prince George, and north to Dawson Creek.

June 1st we reached Mile '0' of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek and followed the highway to Whitehorse where we headed north to Dawson City, took the ferry across the Yukon River and traveled the "Top of The World Highway" to Chicken, Alaska. After paning for gold in Chicken we went SW through Tok to Wasilla for a month. In Wasilla we visited Hatcher Pass, the Musk Ox Farm, Iditarod Travel Center and took short trips south to Portage Glacier and Seward.

In July we finished our month in Wasilla and traveled south to Homer, then north to Denali National Park. We spent two weeks in Fairbanks where we panned for gold, traveled up to the Arctic Circle to walk on the tundra, feel the permafrost and then west of Fairbanks to visit the town of North Pole, Alaska.

In August we left Fairbanks and went south to Skagway and took a boat tour to Haines and Juneau. Then south on the Cassiar Highway to Steward, B.C. and into Hyder, Alaska where we finally get to watch and photograph bears eating salmon in Fish Creek. Finally we head south to Washington for a nice visit with Nancy's relatives in Seattle area and our eldest son in Olympia.

In September we headed toward Arrowhead RV Park in Cascade Idaho where we work-camped last Summer, to visit friends, take an ATV ride in the Idaho Mountains and try to get out of Idaho before it burns up (nineteen fires started by lighting). We finish our fabulous summer coming back to Arizona via Utah and Nevada on September 16th. PHEW! What a beautiful 15,000 mile ride!

There are only 30 pictures of our Alaska trip on this web page. We took over 11,000 pictures plus some videos on this trip and put them on a DVD. If you would like to have all the pictures and videos of our whole trip email me at along with your address and I would be glad to send you a copy.


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The first bear we saw in Canada on the way to Waterton Park.

Cameron Falls in Waterton International Peace Park, Alberta. Canada.

Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller Alberta, Canada is a must stop.

We spend three days in the Banff and Lake Louise area B.C. Canada..

Our first grizzly sighting a mom with two cubs at Lake Louise.

Lake Louise is still frozen in late May.

June 1st we start at mile 0 of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek B.C. Canada. Only 1523 miles to the end of the Alaska Highway.

July 30th we make it to mile 1523 of the Alaska Highway in Fairbanks, Alaska.

This caribou calf was on the Alaska Highway between Dawson Creek and Watson Lake.

We saw several heards of Stones' Sheep from 6 to 14 at a time. We also came up over a little rise and almost ran over two in the highway.

We drove through miles and miles of beautyfull country just like this all through Canada and Alaska. Most of the roads are very good.

Laird River Hotsprings Provincial Park is a must overnighter. With water ranging from 106 to 126 degrees in a beautyfull forest setting.

More than 61,000 signs in the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory. 600 miles from Dawson Creek.

We left the Alaska Highway at Whitehorse and head north to Dawson City. We see our first but not last moose across Gravel Lake.

We pay $5.10 a gallon for diesel in Dawson City, tour the town then cross the Yukon River on this ferry that carries one motor home and one camper per trip.

We leave Dawson City behind and drive "The Top Of The World Highway". This is the most awesome drive we have ever been on.

"The Top Of The World Highway" goes right along the top of the mountains 104 miles from Dawson City, Yukon to Chicken, Alaska.

We cross over into Alaska at Poker Creek, The most northern land border station in the U.S. 4125 feet high and one border patrol officer.

One building three stores, population 21. Chicken has no running water or electric. We overnighted and panned for gold here and would come another year for a longer visit.

We spent a month in Wasilla and toured Anchorage several times. This moose was out next to the airport in Anchorage.

From Wasilla we traveled south and took a boat trip out to Portage Glacier.

Up close and personal with Portage Glacier. Glaciers are so dense that every color but blue is squeezed out.

We spent three nights in Seaward and took the Kenai Fjords tour and saw humpback whales, puffins, double-crested cormorants, and more.

Aialik Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. I got a movie of this glacier calving.

We check out the Salty Dawg Saloon in Homer.

The eagles wait for the fishermen to return and clean their fish.

Halibut caught in Homer.

David under the Alaska Pipeline on our way to the Arctic Circle.

The Alaska Pipeline as it zig zags through the arctic trundra next to the Dalton Highway.

We take a tour 200 miles north of Fairbanks along the the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle.

From Skagway we check out the Chilkoot Trail the gold seekers took to Dawson City, Yukon.

David holding a 32 ounce gold nugget. Someone offered the store owner $80,000 for it and he said "no".

We took a tour to Juno and checked out Mendenhall Glacier and the Red Dog Saloon.

On the way back to the lower 48 we took the drive down the Cassiar Highway Through B.C. The highway isn't finished yet and has a few delays.

We stopped at Hyder, Alaska and watched the bears catching salmon in Fish Creek. Pictures are smaller because they were taken from a video.

Mother grizely with her three cubs getting her daily fish meal. To see the videos you need the total Alaska experience DVD.

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