Gold Mining

June 2004


There are a lot of gold mines and places to pan for gold in Georgia and North Carolina. After panning in Wahoo Creek and not finding anything we visited the Crisson Gold Mine in Dahlonega and bought a gallon of consternates to pan out. We found gold pickers in every pan full. We also visited the Grubbin Mine, toured the Consolidated Gold Mine, and checked out the LDMA Loud Mine in North Carolina.


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The Grubbin Mine charges $10. a day per person to pan in their creek. They also have buckets of concentrates you can purchase.

We drive down to the creek to see if anyone is panning.

This guy was panning in the creek for the day and he says he has been here before and found gold.

We check out the Lost Dutchman Mining Association (LDMA) Loud Mine.

We have a free three day prospecting permit from the LDMA that we could use here.

They have water and electric sites for $2.50 a day and high bankers to rent.

The Consolidated Gold Mine was the largest gold mine operation in Georgia.

The visitor center of Consolidated Gold Mine.

It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Funny sign in the panning area.

We decided to take the tour, and this is the Path to the mine entrance.

The entrance to the Consolidated Gold Mine.

Our tour guide and Nancy.

Gold in the quartz down 1,000 feet into the mine.

The pump that pumps out the river water that seeps into the mine as we are under the river.

An old piece of mining equipment. I think it used to control the old mine pump.

This original drill from the 1800's, the guide turned it on so we could hear how loud a steam operated drill was.

Half of the steps into the mine.

Looking down into another mine shaft. There were more than 200 miles of mine shafts and tunnels.

This is where we panned the pan full of consternates they gave us as part of the tour.

Vail Mountain Lost Dutchman Mining Association, in North Carolina.

L.D.M.A. is having a dig this weekend. These people are working there buns off in the hot humid weather to get gold.

The venders are sitting in the shade selling there gold and other stuff.

Vail Mountain campground.

David panning out our consternates.

Nancy panning out more consternates.

Nancy counted 41 pickers for her, and 46 for David a total of 88 pieces of gold including David's one big nugget.

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