Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

October 2003


We drove southwest towards Philadelphia PA and stopped at Valley Forge National Park where George Washington wintered in 1776/7. This was a HUGE park with a driving tour and Visitors Center. We ate lunch at a picnic area and watched families play, bike, jog, and walk their dogs. It was a lovely day and we saw some reconstructed huts for the troops, many monuments erected in memory of the men who died here and quite a few deer in the fields. To read about the 1777 - 1778 winter click here.


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Front of Visitors Center (one of 4 buildings).

Wall of visitors center (picture on shade cloth of window).

George Washington's telescope and case.

Doctor's tool kit. (YUK!) Don't think I want them working on me.

Spanish Milled Dollar in 1757.

Statue of George Washington inside the theater.

Replicated huts mark the site where Gen. Peter Muhlenburg's Brigade anchored the other line of defense.

Front of the hut.

Bunks in one corner (each hut housed 12 men). No sitting up room on bunks!

Fireplace at one end of the hut.

Solder in uniform answering questions.

A solders gear.

National Memorial Arch was authorized by Congress in 1910 as a tribute to George Washington and his army who endured the winter encampment at Valley Forge in 1777 - 1778.

Entrance to the picnic area and Gen. Anthony Wayne statue.

Bronze equestrian statue of Gen. Anthony Wayne stands in the area where Pennsylvania troops commanded by him made their encampment. The statue faces toward the generals home in nearby Chester County.

George Washington's headquarters.

Washington's office.

Washington's master bedroom.

Chest of drawers in the master bedroom.

Washington's kitchen.

Kitchen shelves.

One of the many markers at Valley Forge. This one says "The State of Delaware erects this marker in memory of her gallent sons who endured the hardships and privations of the memorable winter of 1777 - 1778 on the hills of Valley Forge".

Here are some deer we found wondering on Valley Forge land. There were actually six deer but the young buck was out in front of the does and our of the picture.

Most of the cannon brought to Valley Forge were massed in the Artillery Park. Here, under the command of Brg. Gen. Henry Knox, artillery was stored and repaired, and gun crews were trained and drilled.

Here is one of the fall trees in the park.

Located on private property within the park, the Washington Memorial Chapel hosts an active congregation.

This is the bell tower that actually plays.

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