Acada National Park

September 2003

Rocky Coast line at Otter Point, Acada National Park.


We left Eastport, Maine on Friday and traveled south on Scenic Highway 1 to the tourist trap, Bar Harbor, where we stayed at a National Forest Campground for a half price fee of ten bucks a night with not hook-ups. Then we checked out the 20 mile Acada National Park road with all the stops. Saturday we caught the very north edge of Hurricane Isabel and got a little rain so instead of site seeing we spent the day shopping in Bar Harbor and Elsworth. Sunday the sun was out and we again checked out the rest of the 20 mile road we missed on Friday and also took the road up to the 1,530 foot Cadillac Mountain and Jordans Pond below the mountain.


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There is a rock off shore with waves breaking on it.

This lady wants to adopt this sea gull that only has one leg.

Waves breaking on the rocks below the cliff.

Check out these awesome breakers.

Cute little hanging pine cones.

Watch your head this bridge is only 11 feet 8 inches.

They have carriage rides around the park these Horses pull the carriages.

Looks like a eight point buck checking us out.

Out space in Acada National Park Backwoods campground.

It rained one day we decided to check out Bar Harbor.

One gift store had lots of Scrimshaw.

Looking down the one main street in Bar Harbor.

A three masted schooner for rent and a curse ship through the rain.

There are how many tour boats?

Fancy hotel on the beach.

The other side of main street.

They say the fall color will be couple of weeks late this year because of a mild summer.

Back in Acadia National Park looking checking out the nature center.

The path through the nature garden.

Some weird Pitcher Plants full of water.

A real frog.

View to the east. This is the only Sandy Beach in Acadia National Park.

Nancy swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at Sandy Beach.

Sandy Beach ends and the rocks take over the coast line.

Bar Harbor and an island at high tide that you can walk or drive to at low tide.

Looking down on Jordan Pond from the 1,530 foot Cadillac Mountain.

Looking east toward the Atlantic Ocean from Cadillac Mountain.

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