Natchez Trace to Nashville

After two days in the Meriwether Lewis Campground we headed down the Trace toward Nashville. We have spent two weeks traveling 450 miles north on the Natchez Trace Parkway. There is a lot of history from the early 1500's of the Natchez Indians up through the war between the states, and has now been made a National Highway.


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Leaving site 5 at Meriwether Lewis Campground.

We passed on this 5 minute walk.

Trail to the railroad bed and mineshaft.

Shale in the side of the hill - this is the Fall Hollow hiking trail we took straight down the hill to the HUGE waterfall at the bottom.

WOW! Awesome.

There are a lot of waterfalls on this trail.

Another waterfall.

Looking down the trail at the main waterfall.

David behind the waterfall.

Looking out from behind the waterfall.

Nancy climbing up the short cut. (Stopping as she gasped for breath, more like!)

Tobacco farm and old trace drive sign.

The widow Cranfield operated an inn here with her Indian second-husband who spoke little English. According to legend, when travelers approached with questions about accommodations, he would only point to his wife and say, "She boss." Travel on the Natchez Trace was an adventure in the early 1800's. The 500 mile trail traversed a sprawling wilderness where only Indians, outlaws, and wild animals were at home. Travelers needed a place to find food, supplies, and rest.

Sheboss exhibit.

Picture of Sheboss Stand.

I think this is honeysuckle

The tobacco barn was built for Mr Leland Greenfield in 1959 from timber grown on this farm. Mr Greenfield first grew tobacco here in 1932. The Greenfield family had owned the land for over 100 years before the State of Tennessee purchased and deeded it to the Natchez Trace Parkway in 1977.

The tobacco barn.

Tobacco hanging in the barn.

Sticks used to hang the tobacco.

The Gordon House history.

The Gordon House.

Trail to the ferry.

The Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge is a concrete double arch bridge located in Williamson County, Tennessee, 14 km from the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace Parkway. It is 479.1 meters long and carries the two-lane Natchez Trace Parkway 44.2 meters over State Route 96 and a heavily wooded valley. The 177.4 meter long main span is symmetrical, while the 140.8 meter long second arch is not, due to the slope of the valley at the southern end of the bridge. The bridge is unique in that it does not use spandrel columns to support the deck from the arch. Rather than being evenly distributed along the arch's length, the weight of the bridge is concentrated at the crown of the arch. The lack of spandrel columns results in a clean, unencumbered appearance

Path to the Arch Bridge viewing area.

The Arch Bridge from the viewing area.

Crossing the Arch Bridge.

The Arch Bridge from highway 96.

End of an awesome two weeks in space(#105) in the Nashville Country RV Park.

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