Lake Superior Agate Hunting


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We stopped at the rock shop at Beaver Bay.

He has a great display of Lake Superior agates.

I would like to find a few of these.

These are called Thomsonite identified in material from Scotland in 1820. It is named for the Scottish chemist Thomas Thomson. The crystal system of thomsonite is orthorhombic. It may be colorless, white, beige, or somewhat green, yellow, or red. The crystals tend to be long thin blades that typically form radial aggregates, and sometimes fans and tufts. The aggregates are variable and may be spikey in appearance, dense and ball-like, or form worm-like growths. Tight acicular radiating clusters and sphericules are common forms.

This display of Thomsonite was also at the rock shop.

Nancy bought one of these.

They are very rare.

A single storm on Nov. 28, 1905, damaged 29 ships, fully one third of which were the uninsured property of the steel company fleet. Two of these carriers foundered on this rocky coastline, which some called "the most dangerous piece of water in the world." A delegation led by the steamship company president descended upon Washington, D.C., and in early 1907, Congress appropriated $75,000 for a lighthouse and fog signal in the vicinity of Split Rock.
The U. S. Lighthouse Service completed the 7.6-acre facility in 1910 and operated it until 1939, when the U.S. Coast Guard took command.

Another day we stopped at Split Rock Lighthouse.

This is what you call a home made camper, it was in the parking lot of the lighthouse.

They want eight bucks for a tour so we just drove to the campground and took some pictures of it.

Split Rock Lighthouse from a trail in the State Park.

Split Rock Lighthouse.

Split Rock Lighthouse.

Our new lawn chairs. Honey I shrunk the seniors.

Restaurant in Grand Marias.

A deer hiding.

We went to the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN with our neighbors in the RV Park and also stopped afterward to the North America Bear Center. The International Wolf Center envisions a world in which populations of wolves thrive well distributed in many parts of their native range. A global system of designated wild lands supports abundant habitat and prey for wolves and other large carnivores. The Center provides useful scientific information and learning opportunities to diverse individuals and groups and supports well-informed dialogue about management of wolf/human conflict. There are a lot of exhibits inside the wolf center and a chickie that tells you all about the center and wolves.

International Wolf Center sign.

Bronze wolves running.

The the viewing area where three wolves roam in a

King of the rock.

Click on the picture to see a 1 minute video of two wolves.

Heres looking at ya.

The North American Bear Center is a nonprofit educational Science and Adventure Center with indoor and outdoor viewing of live black bears in natural habitat with a pond and waterfalls. The 2 1/2 acre enclosure is home to three resident bears, Ted, Honey, and Lucky, that people across the world have come to observe forage, swim, and interact with each other.

Ted outside in the viewing area.

Polar Bear in the exhibit area.

Black bear in the exhibit area.

A Blue Jay waiting for feeding time.

Honey and Lucky.

Click on the picture to see a 2 minute video of bear feeding.

After all our fun this summer we were going to stop in Texas on our way back to North Ranch to visit our son and his wife. But we both had doctor's appointments and didn't have enough time to get down that far south then make our appointments. We will see our son and his wife next February when we meet in San Diego for our youngest sons wedding. So we spent three days in Iowa visiting friends, then on back to Arizona.
This is only 75 pictures of our trip this summer, we actually have 2,300 pictures of our trip. If you want to see more pictures and videos of this summers fun you can email me at david@davidshome.com and ask for a CD of this years pictures, along with an address to mail it to you and I will drop one in the mail.

Iowa art, driving through Council Bluffs.

Castle Rock outside Colorado Springs.

Our RV lot in Congress, AZ

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