Lewis and Clerk Reenactment

July 2001

While in Council Bluffs, Iowa on a 96 degree 79% humidly weekend they had a reenactment of the Lewis and Clark camp plus more activities at the Western Historic Trails Center. So we ventured over to join in the festivity. There was the Lewis and Clark camp, called the White Catfish Camp, about a quarter mile behind the center on the Missouri river. Indian dances, a story teller and a old time fiddle band called the Roundhouse Band. We enjoyed their music so much, we bought one of their cassette tapes. Can't forget the mosquotes, they were so thick we were almost eaten alive.


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Indian dancers in their native dress.

Lewis and Clark White Catfish Camp.

Lewis and Clark volunteer and his tent.

Lewis and Clark White Catfish Camp.

Blacksmith in the camp.

Hook made by the blacksmith.

Two privates at the camp.

campfire where they cook their meals.

Gifts they give or traded with the Indians.

Putting black power in a small cannon.

Musket balls.

Tools for making musket balls.

Indian dancers.

More Indian dancers.

Indian drummers and singers.

Look at those feathers.

Roundhouse band.

"Pickin and a grinnin.

This is like playing a watermelon" the man says.

The story teller tells the Lewis and Clark expedition story from the Frenchmans (an Indian guide) perspective.

The story teller poses, he even shot his gun off when telling how he shot a bear.

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