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While spending the winter in Florida a couple of gals got Nancy going on Beading. Now she is making baskets the size of dimes and ear rings and other things. She also found some looong pine needles in Florida and is making pine needle baskets.

Beaded basket.


Here is a verity of things Nancy made with beads.

More things Nancy made with beads.

She specializes in tiny baskets.

Baskets the size of her ring.

Flower baskets dime size.

A pine needle basket she made.

Nancy Teaching a pine needle class. A little out of focus.

Another shot of the class.

She had pine needle baskets for sale.

More of Nancy's bracelets to sell.

She also has lots of necklaces and bracelets to sell.

Nancy had lots of Lanyards she had made to sell at the craft show.

Pine needle baskets Nancy made using the loooong pine needles.

She made lots of pine needle baskets.

She made punches for use in making pine needle baskets.

Punches in a basket.

Some Wood carving.

Carrot pens she turned on her leith.

She made a small bowl out of cedar wood found in the Florida RV Park.

The RV Park in Florida had a Christmas dinner where we set up the table.

Out table had a nativity scene for a center piece.

Then we ate until we couldn't move.

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