Nancy's jewelry


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Nancy has been making chains from wire for years, and teaches classes at our winter RV parks and at the Annual 'Bead Week' event here at North Ranch in AZ. Here is some photos of her preparing for those classes, winding coils, cutting them up into jumprings, weighing them out into class kits, etc. (getting organized for the upcoming classes)

Persian chain kits

Persian chain samples

European 4in1 chain kits

European 4in1 samples

Box chain samples

Box chain kits

2in2 Spiral chain kits

2in2 Spiral samples

2011 Class kits

2011 Class kits

4in4 Non-Parallel samples

Helm chain samples

Byzantine chain samples

Barrel chain samples

Roundmaile samples

Flower chain samples

European chainmaile

Trizantine samples

Misc samples

Cascade pattern (Crenelated)

Rondo ala Byzantine samples

Birds Nest ladder (Byzantine variation)

Organizing my sample chains

Sample chains

Here are some of the wire chains Nancy has made and taught.

Rondo ala Byzantine chains.

Persian keychains with dangles.

24gauge SS Byzantine bracelet.

2in2 Spiral chains.

Box or Square chains.

Persian chains

Barrel chains.

Dragons-back chains.

End of day winding coils "OPPS!" (time to quit!) lol

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