David's CD Sun Catchers


This was a special Valentines day gift for Nancy. I only made two total, one for Nancy and one for a good friend in San Diego that hounded me until I made her one.

Why do they call Florida the Sun Shine state when they get 80 inches of rain a year plus winter freezes and tornados.

Beef from Florida is water logged, although the cows don't have to lean down their heads to eat, food is belly high.

While wintering in Florida I was looking for some kind of craft that was small but fun and maybe even marketable. Jackie was making cardinals out of sheets of foam and a AOL CD they had sent out in the mail. So I got a pattern from her and made a few cardinals. Then I thought, why stop here, so I made a snow man and a snow woman. That got my brain going and from there it just telescoped to bears, cats, dogs, aliens, etc. Then others got into the craft and wanted me to teach how to make them by using my patterns. Well I shared some with of my patterns with Jackie and she shared some with me and we got quite a business going. All I had to do is use some fishing line to make a loop and put a small close pin at the top. I clipped them to my awning and people started coming by and wanted to buy them. Not a problem I said how about three bucks each. Now I found a way to reduce my inventory and still have fun making more. Well I sold a lot all up and down the east coast to RVers to clip to their awning. So when we started spending the winter in Arizona I took them to a craft show. I even made a small rope hanger to clip them to as a demonstration. Hundreds of people came by and said "how cute" or "that's cleaver" or "hey hon, look at these". But nobody bought any…. After a couple of craft fairs where I maybe sold two or three and Nancy didn't sell enough jewelry to make it worth her while, I put them in a box along with all the foam sheets, eyes, CD's and other material and they are sitting in our shed. I needed something to do besides play darts three nights a week, go to bingo, breakfast on Sunday morning, lead groups of ATVers on rides around the desert trails, or go to jams or potlucks and work with others in the RV park to make steps or skirts to go around their park model or a dozen other activities. So that is when I took up cross stitching in the evenings during the TV commercials. You can see some of my work around the inside of our trailer or on this web site under "Counted Cross Stitch". Then maybe if we ever spend time on the east coast or people here see how important sun catchers are I will start making them again. By the way I still have five left hanging from the florescent light in our storage shed if you want to buy one for three bucks.

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This is Sampson the cat.

This is the back of Sampson the cat.

Here is an alien.

Mr. Frosty the snow man made with a CD and an frozen orange can lid.

The back side of Mr. Frosty the snow man.

Everybody needs a teddy bear with a heart.

This is Mrs. Frosty the snow mans sole mate.

This is the back side of Mrs. Frosty.

Sole mates need an angel looking over them.

The one eyed, one horn flying purple people eater.

The back side of The one eyed, one horn flying purple people eater.

I got this octopus pattern from a coloring book, his head sticks up.

The busy bumble was a big seller.

A dog with rabbit ears.

A floppy eared dog.

This is suppose to be a bunny.

The frog was also a big seller.

I sold more cardinals than any other.

A dauphin.

This is when pigs fly

Sun catchers hanging outside for sale.

Dumbo the elephant.

The back side of Dumbo the elephant.

Two best sellers in Florida.

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