The many settlement sites scattered throughout the monument were built by the Ancient Pueblo People, more specifically the Sinagua, Cohonina, and Kayenta Anasazi. Wupatki was first inhabited around 500 AD. Wupatki, which means "Tall House" in the Hopi language, is a multistory Sinagua pueblo dwelling having more than 100 rooms. Secondary structures, including two large, apparently uncovered kivalike structures, stand nearby. A major population influx began soon after the eruption of Sunset Crater in the 11th century (between 1040 and 1100), which blanketed the area with volcanic ash; this improved agricultural productivity and the soil's ability to retain water. By 1182, about 85 to 100 people lived at Wupatki Pueblo and by 1225, the site was permanently abandoned. It was a 100-room pueblo with a community room and ball court; making it the largest building for nearly fifty miles. There have also been nearby secondary structures uncovered, including two kivalike strctures. Based on a careful survey of archaeological sites conducted in the 1980s, an estimated 2000 immigrants moved into the area during the century following the eruption. Agriculture was based mainly on corn and squash raised from the arid land without irrigation. In the Wupatki site, the residents harvested rain water due to the rarity of springs. Around 800 years ago, the Wupatki site was the largest pueblo around. The dwelling's walls were constructed from thin, flat blocks of the local Moenkopi sandstone giving the pueblos their distinct red color. Held together with mortar, many of the walls still stand. Each settlement was constructed as a single building, sometimes with scores of rooms.


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Information on Wupatki.

We head out of the mountains From Sunset Crater toward Wupatki.

Lots of big red rocks around here.

Information about the Wupatki Ruins.

The Wupatki Ruins.

Information about the big house.

I squeezed through that little entry way.

Looking up from the room.

Looking out the window on the other side.

Huge slabs of red rock used to make their houses.

Inside the visitor center for Wupatki ruins.

The Wupatki ruins from the overlook.

I zoomed up on the Wupatki ruins.

On down the road three more ruins to see.

This is the Citadel ruin.

We are getting tired and just took pictures from the truck.

There is more way up on top.

I zoomed up of the one on top.

Information sign about the Lomaki Ruin.

We just took pictures from the truck here also.

Back on the road taking pictures on ruins on this out cropping.

There is the remains along this cliff.

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