Two trips to the Snowbowl

Our first trip to the Snowbowl on July 20th to take the Skyride to the top of the San Francisco Mountains was monsooned out. It was sunny when we left the RV Park but the closer we got to the Snowbowl the harder it rained. Our second trip to the Snowbowl on August 10th, was a gorgeous sunny day as we took the Skyride to the top of the mountain, took in the awesome vista and returned down hours later to have lunch at the Peak Side Cafe. The Skyride starts off at 9,500 feet and is about a 40 minute ride to the top at 11,500 feet. From the top we could look down on West Flagstaff and pan all the way around north to the Grand Canyon more than 70 miles away.


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First trip to the Snowbowl ended up as a scenic drive up hwy. 180 then south on hwy. 84 to Williams for dinner and last east on I-10 to the RV Park in Flagstaff.

It was sunny on the way to the Snowbowl the first time.

The moonsoon hit and ski lift is not moving today. We sat in the truck for 20 minutes then left to drive up hwy. 180

We saw three elk off hwy. 180.

Encounter a monsoon toward hwy. 64.

Had steak at Rods Steak house in williams.

Then returned to flagstaff east on I-40.

second trip to the Snowbowl was a suscuss with the sun shining brightly and David getting a little sun burn because he forgot his hat.

Second trip to the Snowbowl was great.

Skyride to the top of San Franscisco Mountains.

Saw a Yellow-bellied marmot on the way up.

500 more feet to go.

We reach the top.

Didn't wet your pants, releave yourself here.

Panoramic of the south side looking down.

Zooned up on Northern Arizona University.

Zoomed up on Interstate 17.

Zooned up on a conference going on below.

This is a controled burn 70 miles away toward the Grand Canyon.

Ski trail sign.

Your roots are showing.

Groundsel is a direct decedent of the flower that took refuge on this peak neer the end of the ice age.

We took a trail to the very top and took pictrues of top of the Skylift.

From the top this is the Peak Side Cafe.

Heading down on the skylift.

Someone tied a green bra in the trees about half way down.

40 minutes later we reach the bottom.

Information about the Skyride.

Teh Peak Side cafe menu.

Information about the peaks on the back of the menu.

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