Day Trip to Jerome

Hwa. 89a from RV Park to Jerome.

Hwy. 89a through Oak Creek Canyon.

Red Rock Loop Road.

Hwy. 89a through Jerome and on to Prescott.

The sun started out shining this day so we took hwy. 89A south through Oak Creek Canyon, into Sedona, then on to Jerome. Oak Creek Canyon is a beautiful drive with several campgrounds, Sedona is a tourist trap, and Jerome is an old mining town built on the side of the mountain (straight up and down) west of Cottonwood. We haven't been down this road since 1969 while on a fishing trip to the White Mountains. Hwy. 89a goes on to Prescott after going through Jerome. Great ride with sun most of the day, on the way back we stopped to watch a heard of elk along side the road then it started raining when we got back into Flagstaff.


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Heading into Oak Creek Canyon on hwy. 89a.

15 miles of hair pin curves to the bottom.

Beauthful drive.

One of the campgrounds in the canyon.

Getting toward the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon.

Slide Rock State Park is where you can pay $20.00 per vehicle to play in the water.

In 1969 you could drive in and play in the water for free.

These 3 pictures were picked off the internet from Slide Rock.

This is Oak Creek.

Another shot of Oak Creek.

Nancy standing by this giant tree.

The red mountains aroud Sedona.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is an architectural and spiritual treasure of Sedona.

Designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Chapel of the Holy Cross was completed in 1956.

Looking out the front.

In the tourist traps there are misters to keep the customers cool.

Driving around on Red Rock Loop road.

Back on hwy. 89A heading toward Jerome.

Driving into Jerome.

Information about the Daisy Mine.

David in the elevator.

The winch that lowered the four man elevator.

The Audrey shaft. The elevator would go down here.

Driving through the town of Jerome.

On our drive back to Flagstaff we spot a heard of elk.

There were some up on the hill also.

This one is a little spike.

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