Flagstaff Arizona

We decided this summer that we would stay at North Ranch until the middle of July then head up to Flagstaff for a couple of months for the cooler Weather (highs in the 70's and low 80's). There are also a lot of places we have not seen around that area. The trip from North Ranch to Flagstaff is 152 miles straight up hwy. 89. But because we are over 40 feet long we can't drive from Kirkland up the narrow curvy road to Prescott. So we drive through Yarnell where hwy. 89 just opened after the Yarnell fire. Then we detour over to Skull Valley and into the back side of Prescott through the DOCY fire area on Iron Mountain, then catch hwy. 89 again and follow it all the way to I-40 east at Ash Springs then exit I-40 onto the old Route 66 and follow that to Kit Carson RV Park.


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A volunteer Mesquite tree growing in the planter has grown about 10 inches since January.

We first noticed it in January and it was only 8 inches tall.

Everything put away for the next couple of months.

As we leave Congress it is overcast but no rain.

The Yarnell Hill fire came over the Mountain toward Hwy. 89.

Driving through Yarnell, the fire burned mostly the west side.

We have talked to some residents that are not coming back.

This is on the east side before getting into town.

Past Skull Valley about a half mile of the Iron Mountain road work is still not paved.

Driving through the Iron Mountain (DOCY) fire.

Detour in Prescott for the 19 hot shots that died in the Yarnell Hill fire.

These are the huge bolders on Hwy 89 driving north toward Chino Valley.

Driving through the bolders.

The man that built his house on a rock.

We saw five Pronghorn in this field in Chino Valley.

One of the Pronghorn.

Got a few rain drops about 15 miles north of Chino.

47 miles to go on interstate 40.

Speed limit on I-40 is 75 mph... YIKES.. don't run into the back of me if I only do 60 mph.

Driving on Route 66 toward the RV Park.

We finally arrive at noon, park it and head out for lunch.

These squirrels hold races on our roof.

One squirrel hid his bred crumb in our hand rail.

Squirrel on our step after a downpour.

The awning on this rig didn't make it through the downpour.

Blue Jays around our RV site.

A butterfly came around our site one morning.

There are also Chipmunks.

A baby bunny even showed up.

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